LPBLT Mini-Blitz Challenge!

If you were unable to attend the LPBLT BioBlitz on Saturday August 12th, we have a fun opportunity for you! LPBLT wants to challenge you and your family and friends to participate in our Mini-Blitz Challenge! Participants are challenged to identify as many species as they can in 150 minutes, adding to the contribution of inventorying biodiversity.

What you need to do: Spend 150 minutes and try to identify as many species as you can!
Where to do this: Any of the 5 publicly accessible LPBLT properties, your backyard, a park or any greenspace!
Who can do this: ANYONE! Invite your friends and family to come along and help out!
When to do this: Any time. A biological inventory or “BioBlitz” can happen in any season because different species come out at different times.
How to do this challenge: Pick an area and spend 150 minutes trying to identify as many species as you can. Reference guides are handy including apps on your phone. You can create a list for your challenge on iNaturalist and send it to us when you are done OR use paper/pencil to manually record your findings, sending us your complete list by email to steward@longpointlandtrust.ca.

Participating in the LPBLT Mini-Blitz Challenge is a great way to explore new areas, learn about a wide variety of species and can help to build database records for LPBLT properties, contributing to future stewardship and management efforts.

To take the challenge up a notch, why not try to complete a Mini-Blitz in every season? Different species can be present throughout different times of the year. For example, certain bird species may only be present for a short amount of time in the spring during their migration.

If you have any questions, please contact Lyndsay Shular – Stewardship Coordinator at steward@longpointlandtrust.ca. Have fun blitzing!

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