To help address some of the conservation challenges in the Carolinian Region, LPBLT focuses its actions on the protection of functioning natural systems and priority habitat, such as watersheds, woodlands, wetlands and savanna, as well as the species that depend on these habitats.


The community has a vital role to play in conserving ecologically important areas and our native wildlife. LPBLT has launched a multi-year outreach project to engage local communities.

Part of the “Nurturing Nature” project is to allow public access through well marked trails with an interpretive guide to allow people to witness the diverse habitats and the amazing flora and fauna of the Long Point Basin area. Visit the Protected Properties page for a closer look at all of our properties.

Explore the Outdoors events are held at reserves and feature some of the reserves’ best attributes where you can learn about becoming good stewards of nature and how you can volunteer to assist our property management efforts. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please visit our Volunteer page.


A key part of our work is to work with community members, landowners, business owners and other organizations in the Long Point Basin. This involves nature events and educational presentations, social media, e-news and our semi-annual newsletter, ViewPoint.