Help us protect Carolinian reptiles by reporting your sightings! The Long Point Basin has a rich and impressive diversity of reptiles that includes 19 species of turtles and snakes. Unfortunately, the range and population of many of these species continues to dwindle locally, provincially and nationally. The decline in reptile populations is concerning and LPBLT's Conserving Carolinian Reptiles project has goals to help in the recovery and conservation of reptile species at risk and their habitat.

You can assist with this effort by reporting reptile sightings in the Long Point Basin area. Take some time to learn more about their biology and how to identify them (Turtle Identification,Snake Identification). Next time you see a turtle or a snake, simply fill out the form below or call our toll free number (1-844-755-9498) to help us gain a better understanding of where these animals live and how they are doing.

A key part of LPBLT's program is documenting reptile population statuses and trends, and identifying important habitats specifically in the Long Point Basin area. LPBLT's aim is to use this information to help raise community awareness about these species at risk. In addition, this information will be used at a provincial level and assist with the Ontario Amphibian and Reptile atlas.

Reptiles often get an unnecessary bad reputation. The reptiles native to the Long Point Basin area do not pose any threat to people and just like any other species, they are an important part of our biodiversity and contribute to a functioning and healthy ecosystem.

Snake Identification Sheet

Turtle Identification Sheet



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