1. Become Aware – Learn about the local wildlife and take some time to observe it. Find out what hazards affect their lives and do what you can to make life easier for them.

2. Spread the Message – Tell friends about the importance of protecting natural heritage areas and the reasons that these areas are important.

3. Report Biodiversity in our Reserves – The sighting information collected at our nature reserves will be used to help inventory the biodiversity, identify species at risk and to help engage the community.

4. Donate your time – LPBLT relies on the volunteer commitment of the community to be able to protect its nature reserves. Sharing your time and talents as a volunteer, while connecting with other passionate individuals on our team, makes it possible to achieve amazing things! You can show your support by donating your time and becoming a volunteer, or by coming out to our local events.

5. Donate Money – LPBLT does not manage its properties for financial gain, but relies on the financial support of concerned people for the resources to protect its nature reserves. Consider becoming a supporter of LPBLT, through contributing to specific appeals, or better still, making a yearly commitment to our work. For more information on how to support LPBLT or to make a donation, visit donating to LPBLT or consider supporting LPBLT by becoming a monthly donor.

6. Donate Land– There are various ways to give land such as conservation easements, donation, and sales. To find out more about each of these options, visit our land acquisition page.