Major cleanup at Delhi Reserve

Early this month the Long Point Basin Land Trust (LPBLT) teamed up with the Norfolk Environmental Stewardship Team crew to do more cleanup work at the
Delhi Wetland Nature Reserve. This 5 hectare property is located adjacent to Big Creek and borders the Delhi Cemetery. It was acquired by LPBLT in 2011 through a generous gift from the Cecilia and Joe Kiss family in memory of Cecilia’s late father, Louis Woytas.

The property contains an oxbow pond, wetlands, and mature hemlock forests that populate a steep ravine. The ravines on the property appear to have been a favoured spot for dumping assorted garbage for many years. Last fall, volunteers filled a large truck with old tires, mattresses and a TV from the sides of the ravine. This time Lyndsay Shular, Stewardship Coordinator with LPBLT and the NEST crew worked hard hauling junk up the steep slope from the valley bottom. They filled 12 garbage bags and came up with some pretty interesting finds, including an old typewriter and a pair of disco shoes.

Tyler Misener, leader of the NEST crew, said “We found bottles and cans that date back to the ’80s and some that are even older. We were confused by the
lack of awareness in the area and how a ton of garbage could be down there for so long”.

Long Point Basin Land Trust plans to organize another garbage cleanup day at the Delhi Wetland later this year and is hoping to engage the help of the
community members.

For more information, please contact: Kristyn Richardson, Projects Manager at
519 586 8309 or