Protection of Head waters for three watersheds

The Arthur Langford Nature Reserve is one of many hidden treasures in the Long Point Basin. This vitally-important natural area is home to a wide array of wildlife, including a number of species at risk, such as American Chestnut, Butternut, Black Gum, and Jefferson Salamander. Because of the large size and continuity of the property’s wetlands, as well as its rare species, it is a prime location for biological research.

Purchased in 2008 and named after the late Dr. Arthur N. Langford, founding president of the Land Trust, this 186 acre reserve has exceptionally high conservation value. Largely forested, and containing extensive wetland habitats, this site nourishes several watersheds maintaining a good supply of water in local streams, rivers, and in the water table.



Getting There

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The Arthur Langford Nature Reserve is located near the town of Frogmore in the western part of Norfolk County. Entry is gained from the Barth Sideroad between Regional Road 23 and Regional Road 28.


See the map below for trails on the property