A Great Gift to Nature

In the spring of 2011, LPBLT acquired its third nature reserve, as a result of a generous gift by the Cecilia and Joe Kiss family. A large portion of this property, located near Delhi in Norfolk County, is designated as provincially-significant wetland.

Nestled in a deep valley alongside Big Creek north of Delhi, the property is as diverse ecologically as it is varied topographically. Despite its relatively small size (12 acres), the property includes a diversity of habitat types, including: mature hemlock and hardwood forests on the ravine slopes and uplands; a small stream flowing through the narrow valley; a perched grass and sedge wetland; and, a cedar-fringed ox-bow pond at the property’s lowest elevations.

The donation of this ecologically-significant property demonstrates the importance of long-term stewardship of natural areas by private landowners. LPBLT is grateful to the Kiss and Woytas family for entrusting us with the future stewardship of this property.

Getting There

Delhi map_edit

The property is located in the Big Creek valley immediately north of Delhi on the east side of Swimming Pool Road. The property can be viewed and appreciated from a pleasant lookout point at the south end (enter from the Delhi cemetery and park at the north end). Because of the rugged and steep terrain, visitors are asked not to explore past the lookout, without permission.