Quick Facts

Size: 53 acres
Protected Since: April 29, 2021
Maintained Trails: No
Hunting: No
Habitats: Oak Savanna, Oak Woodland, Early Successional Forest, Carolinian Forest, Swamp Forest and Pine Plantation
Address: 216 Vittoria Road, St. Williams, ON



Golden Puccoon at Harlow Dune Nature Reserve

Additional Information

Harlow Dune Nature Reserve is dedicated to the memory of Joan and Bernard (Jim) Harlow who were founding members of Long Point Basin Land Trust.

This nature reserve contains an interesting combination of recently restored agricultural field, an ancient lakeshore dune with ingrown oak woodlands, a mixture of mature swamp and mature upland forest, as well as conifer plantation of various composition and age. The treed southern half of the property is identified as Significant Woodland.

The acquisition of this property presented an excellent opportunity for LPBLT to restore Sand Barren and Oak Savanna habitat.