Quick Facts

Size: 23 acres
Protected Since: December 17, 2004
Maintained Trails: No
Hunting: No
Habitats: Old Growth Forest


Jackson-Gunn Old Growth Forest

Additional Information

In December 2004, Long Point Basin Land Trust secured its first nature reserve – one of the most spectacular old-growth forests remaining in southern Ontario. Only 0.07% of these old-growth forests still exist today.

The reserve’s mature Sugar Maple – American Beech dominated forest is considered to be among the best examples of old growth in the region as it features a high tree canopy, relatively open understory, numerous snags and cavities, as well as tip-up mounds and other features associated with gap phase succession.

Many of the trees at the Jackson-Gunn Old Growth Forest are older than 280 years. Today these towering giants are scarred and crooked as a result of surviving numerous ice and wind storms. Here you’ll find some of Norfolk County’s largest deciduous trees, including a Sugar Maple measuring to a height of 35m with a diameter of 118cm! Historically, the site has never been cleared or logged, making it an amazing piece of history – looking today much like it did 600 years ago.

Currently, the forest is home to numerous birds and a diverse flora. Woodpeckers search the lower branches of the canopy, Wood Ducks watch from their nesting cavities and Bald Eagles soar above the trees.