Protection of a water source for Turkey Point Wetlands

Once fully restored, this 80-acre nature reserve along the Lake Erie shoreline will connect inland woodlands with coastal marshes and help connect 1.2km of forested stream corridor. The project will create an important wildlife habitat corridor, buffer interior forests and benefit water quality in an internationally-significant Great Lakes watershed and wetland, such as Forestville Creek, Turkey Point Marsh and Long Point Bay.

Nestled just north of the Turkey Point Marsh, the Shirley & George Pond Nature Reserve will protect scenic Carolinian countryside and a diversity of habitats, including woodlands, meadow, shrubland and the east branch of Forestville Creek. The protection and ecological restoration of this retired orchard property will make an invaluable contribution to nature conservation and fill in the “missing link” of woodland along this cold water stream. The property will also contribute to broader conservation efforts to protect species at risk such as Louisiana Waterthrush, American Badger, Blanding’s Turtle and Eastern Hog-nosed Snake and restore natural habitats in the Southern Norfolk Sand Plain.



Getting There

S&G pond NR edit

The Pond Reserve can be accessed via Front Road, approximately 2 km west of Turkey Point Road. The property is on the north side of the road and has a parking area, accessible only when the entrance gate is open. When the gate is unopened, there is space for a single vehicle to park safely.


See the map below for trails on the property or click here for a printable pdf version.