Quick Facts

Size: 49 acres
Protected Since: January 31, 2018
Donor: Joan Shirlow, in memory of Ken McMullen
Maintained Trails: No
Hunting: No
Habitats: Oak Savanna, Early Successional Forest and Carolinian Forest
Address: 305 Concession Rd. 7, Langton, ON

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Spring Arbour Farm Nature Reserve

Additional Information

In 1990, Ken McMullen and Joan Shirlow bought an exhausted farm and immediately began regenerating it into an organic fruit and vegetable farm. They planted windbreaks, removed decades of garbage, created buffer zones with native plants around the Venison Creek valley, and remediated the soil. To fulfill their desire for Spring Arbour Farm to become a nature reserve, Joan donated a significant portion of the property in memory of Ken. Their legacy of environmental and humanitarian dedication lives on in Long Point Basin Land Trust’s acquisition and stewardship of the property.

Spring Arbour Farm Nature Reserve is part of a much larger network of conservation lands that extend along Venison Creek. Being well-linked to surrounding natural areas makes it an important migratory stopover site for a large number of bird species as well as Monarch Butterflies and bats. The site provides important feeding, resting, staging and breeding habitat for many species.