Reptile Diversity

The Long Point Basin area has 19 different snake and turtle species! Learn about some of the basic biology and how to identify these species. Next time you spot one, you can identify it and report it using our online form or calling our toll free number: 1-844-755-9498!

Snake Identification

Turtle Identification

Creating and Improving Reptile Habitat

Habitat loss and degradation are among the greatest threats to native wildlife. Long Point Basin Land Trust’s nature reserves help protect vitally important habitats, but there are many things that private landowners and partner conservation groups can do to help also. These factsheets about reptile habitat creation illustrate some of the many ways people can help protect and recover species at risk populations. Click the links to open pdf files of the factsheets (print versions not available).

Tips for gardeners to help reptiles

How to create a snake hibernaculum

How to create a snake nesting structure

Creating and improving turtle habitat

Long Point Provincial Park Reptile Barrier