Leave a legacy by making a gift to Long Point Basin Land Trust in your will. Your last wishes will ensure the land you love will be protected for future generations, and will leave something valuable for your friends, family, and our community.

Planned gifts are tailored to your personal circumstances; you should consult with your lawyer, other estate planners, and financial advisers before making a gift of this nature.

There are many benefits in choosing to leave part of your estate to LPBLT:
• Gain valuable credits on your final estate income tax return
• Enjoy current tax savings and secure a lifetime income for yourself and/or your spouse
• Establish a memorial fund in the name of a loved one
• Provide a significant legacy with a small current contribution
• Leave something that will conserve the environment for future generations and is truly meaningful for people to remember you by

There are numerous ways you can make a positive difference for the Long Point Basin and leave a legacy for future generations through one of the many planned giving options:
Gifts of Publicly Listed Securities
Wills and Bequests – Your Gift Planners can help you find the language required in your will to ensure that your bequest goes exactly where you intended it.
Gift of Life Insurance – You can donate an existing life insurance policy – LPBLT must be the owner and beneficiary for you to receive tax creditable premiums.
Charitable Remainder Trusts – You can create a charitable remainder trust, which will pay you an annual taxable income, and upon your death the trust principal reverts to LPBLT for the purpose of your choice.
Gifts of Residual Interest – You can make a gift of an asset to LPBLT such as real estate, antiquities, art works, and continue to enjoy the use of it for your lifetime. A tax receipt is issued for a portion of the value of the asset.
Gift Annuities – A gift annuity returns a competitive rate of income to you, most or all of which is tax-free, and a residue which goes to LPBLT.

For more information on planned giving, please contact Brianne Curry or outreach@longpointlandtrust.ca